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How I Built My HMO Property Portfolio From Zero

How I Built My HMO Property Portfolio From Zero

Discover today how one man went from amatuer to professional property investor overnight! Kevin is joined by Ranjit, just one of Progressive Property’s many success stories. Ranjit shares his journey to success using the VIP programme and together they discuss how slow and steady wins the race, the benefits of the VIP programme and how you should always remember to enjoy the journey.


Many people go into property thinking they are going to get rich quickly, however this is not that case and many people soon realise that. When the deals are there the money will come, slow and steady every little bit helps.

In the VIP programme at Progressive Property, you will receive one to one mentoring. As well as this you can attend a ‘deal clinic’ meaning you can go on stage and share about a property deal you have got and all the other members of the VIP programme can give you advice on how to go forward with that deal. They can also offer funding for that property deal and enter a JV partnership with you.

The sweet spot for HMOs in 4-6 bedrooms. Anymore than this then you start getting into planning permission requirements. When you go into 7+ bedrooms, professionals do not necessarily want to live there. It is likely that a HMo with more than 7 bedrooms will attract a lower demographic tenant type.

The knowledge you gain on the VIP programmes is invaluable. Having the education behind you ensures that you will avoid making costly mistakes. You will also have the opportunity to make long lasting friends who can help and advise you along your property journey. Whist free education is good, there comes a time where paying for it will give you a huge advantage in your industry. You can either pay for it and learn from the mistakes of others, or learn from your own mistakes by going it alone.

Life has its ups and downs, there could be a grand opportunity right around the corner. Do small but high quality projects, often and you will get results. Make sure to enjoy the journey along the way with your business partner and those who you meet along the way.

Learn the basics slowly, take a bit of time to learn the basics so you have a good grounding before you decide to jump straight into it. Focus on one thing and do that really well. That focus will help you reach your goals. There will always be something that appears to be bigger and better, avoid that distraction and focus on one thing at a time.

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