Welcome to BBP Estates Global

BBP Estates Global is a visionary Real Estate Agency business based in Manchester, North West of England.

Our journey began in February 2013 as local small sales and letting agents. At the height of our success, we managed over 200 properties across Greater Manchester and were selling an average of 4 properties every week. Our honest business approach gained us multiple awards in relevant sectors including best overall agents for consecutive two terms (2016/2017) on rating platform allagents.co.uk.

The aftermath of the Brexit, when the real estate market was changing rapidly with its dynamics in the United Kingdom, in September 2017, we changed our business propositions too. We moved on from only letting and sales agents to sourcing BTL (Buy-to-Let) and higher yield based portfolios as well as started sourcing from competitive global markets. At the same time, we started working with a number of finance providers as introducer who are specialised on BTL, non-regulated and secured residential and commercial lending.

With the commitment to bring the finest investment opportunity from the nutshells, our foundation is solely based on honesty and integrity before calculating any profits.

Now we offer a range of Real Estates related products and services, provided by the carefully selected partners and alliances.

As our consistent efforts to dig down deeper to the market continued, we have successfully established a great partnership network of individual, institutional and corporate buyers and financiers within the UK and beyond.

To be part of our honest and profitable journey together, please get in touch with us.

Towards New Horizons

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