As continuous assaults coming from multiple fronts to Buy-to-Let investors in the UK, the actual marketplace is now in shrinking trend. Investing in properties to rent is no longer attractive as you would hardly achieve more than 8% annual ROI, on average.

But you can make up to 15% ROI in property investment in the UK via our partner developers for scalable amount and timeframe.

What we offer…

  1. Low entry level investment.
  2. Starts from £20.000 to 1 million.
  3. 100% Assets backed guarantee.
  4. multiple exit strategies.
  5. Scalable ROI, from 9% to 15%.
  6. The flexibility of 1 year to 5 years.

Isn’t the right time to sell or reduce your BTL portfolio and stay in control with peace of mind?

Your investment will work harder even you are doing nothing apart from getting more profits (that’s staggering 15%) than saving in Banks, savings schemes, bonds or even on BTL portfolios.

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Sell or Rent Commercial interests with no upfront FEES

Would you like to buy or sell your commercial interests such as retail premises or business within the Greater Manchester area? We have robust valuation system in place to tell you how much that interest would worth to be able to sell quickly as possible for the realistic price.

We advertise on to our large, ever-growing database of subscribers (currently 40,000). We have great success stories to beat some of the UK’s top agents.

We work on tailor-made commission basis and that commission is only payable once the mission is accomplished.

Let’s get in touch with us today to see how we can help you to accomplish your mission.

Selling Lands? Big or Small? We can feed them all

We do source brownfield, greenfield or farmlands for various types of development across the Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire. All lands we source are subject to local authority planning permission, ownership verification and relevant site tests.

The size of the lands we source could be from 0.05 acre to any numbers. We do not publish any site details online and we keep them all under strict private sale procedure to serve everyone’s’ best interest.

We supply lands to the number of established and prominent residential developers, commercial developers, supermarkets and overseas investors.

We work on a tailor-made commission basis with no upfront fees or demand.

If you wish to sell or buy lands, please feel free to stay in touch today.

Buying a house? Why buying ageing, old, rigid houses instead of a brand new one for better prospects?

Investing in new-build homes cannot go wrong!

That’s why we are very much interested in helping our clients sourcing finest new-build houses and apartments across the northwest.

We work in partnership with a few leading builders, master agents across the country who make and sell homes with great passion, focusing on maximising your ultimate comfort as well as achieving highest ROI. Giving you options to get the best value for your investment.

Our projects are located in Manchester, Liverpool, and London.

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Are you looking for experts for your real estate needs? Having trouble with finding right experts? We can help you to find the right people to be able to solve your problems.

Our consultancy service covers a range of sectors including, Chartered Surveyors, home movers, plumbers, Engineers, as well as planning permission advisors. We cover 99 categories related to your property solution needs.

We work on a small sourcing fee basis, and you will be passed on to the right people with right expertise. We do not take any kickbacks from the service providers to help keeping your cost lowest as possible. Our help and support would be on your side until your issues have been resolved.

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We work with some of the best reputed, longer-serving, strong-performing and popular developers outside of the United Kingdom. We do represent them for the UK and EU clients who are interested in buying or investing in those countries. Currently, we do sell houses and apartments in Australia, Malaysia, Spain, United Arab Emirates, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

We only sell top-class and high-end developments with solid prospects for a great value for your investment.

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Are you looking for buying household or commercial equipment like bathroom set, kitchen set, furniture or appliances? In our e-Shop, you would find some items which you might find very useful and great value for money. We are affiliated with Amazon and have a direct presence on -eBay.

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About BBP Estates Global

At BBP estates Global, we offer a range of services to meet your real estate investment needs.
For the UK, we act as an agent to sell apartments, lands, commercial interests as well as facilitate sale/purchase deals.
For the overseas, we work in partnership with the best builders and developers in Australia, Malaysia, United Kingdom,  India, and Bangladesh.
Whether you want to invest in properties in the UK or overseas, to live or to maximise higher return on your investment (ROI), we can be your great companion.
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