‘My flat was built in 2017 so why can't I get BT or Sky broadband?’

  • May 25, 2019

Jennifer Offord’s new-build does not allow her to sign up to internet and TV from major providersWater, gas, electricity and broadband are essential household utilities, but a large number of new homes are being built without the infrastructure for a decent broadband connection – or, in some cases, with no service at all.Jennifer Offord, 36, bought her new-build flat in Hackney, east London, in February 2018, four months after it had been completed, only to find out she was not able to sign up to any of the standard providers. “I had assumed it would be fine as I had never had a problem before, but when I moved in and asked the developer why I couldn’t sign up to Sky, I was told Openreach hadn’t been set up and I was ruled out of getting any of the affordable TV and internet packages that I wanted,” she says. Continue reading…

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