08 Aug

Me, the church and its property portfolio | Letter from the Rev Paul Nicolson

In the Rev Paul Nicolson, a letter writer from America chose the wrong person to attack on the Church of England’s management of its propertyI am strongly miffed that the Guardian should publish a letter (5 August) from Dr Neil J Young defending UK landlords from an address in Pennsylvania, USA. He chose the wrong target. I pay rent, income and council tax. I own no second home. He ties me into the Church of England’s management of its property when it is totally outside my control. I have frequently protested that the church’s exploitation of the land it owns equals that of the most ardent secular landlord putting profit before concern for the poorest citizens, most recently in our submission to the archbishop of Canterbury’s commission on housing, church and community.Rev Paul NicolsonTaxpayers Against Poverty• Join the debate – email [email protected] Continue reading…

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