02 Apr

Let’s move to Stirling: Edinburgh in miniature, with fewer stag parties

Once a stronghold of Scotland’s royalty, this historic town is a mighty fine place to liveWhat’s going for it? There’s no getting around Stirling. Well, OK, pedants, these days you can take the M9 or the Kincardine Bridge, or wiggle your way on the A814 along Loch Long. But in times of yore, when Scotland was more like Game Of Thrones’ Westeros, most roads led through Stirling. This is where Scotland’s waist narrows to a few score miles, and is the lowest bridging point on the River Forth. No wonder they built a castle to end all castles, high on a crag, with a sheer, almost impregnable western slope. No wonder this is where Scotland’s royalty held court from the 16th century. “He who holds Stirling holds Scotland,” went the saying. Of course, these days you can take said M9, so Stirling has settled nicely into a comfortable later life as a mighty fine place to live, with half Scotland’s population within an hour’s drive. There are fewer battles here, and a lot less buckles to be swashed but, on the upside, it’s a gorgeous town, an Edinburgh in miniature, only with fewer bagpipe buskers and stag parties from Woking.The case against Perhaps a little sedate; but Glasgow’s only up the road. Continue reading…

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