12 Feb

How to clean your dishwasher

Dishwashers can be quite dirty places. They are used all the time and need to be cleaned to avoid mess that can attract grime, mould, and mildew. If it isn’t cleaned regularly, this can lead to a foul-smelling odour as well. In this video, Mike goes through his tips and tricks on how to get your dishwasher clean and keep it that way.

All you will need is a rag, some vinegar, and bi-carb soda

Step 1:
Wipe down and clean out the dishwasher

Step 2:
Run a cycle with vinegar. This is a natural sanitiser and is also very effective at breaking down grime and mildew.

Step 3:
Run another cycle using bi-carb. The bi-carb will remove any odours that hang around in your dishwasher.

This is an easy and eco-friendly way to clean your dishwasher and make sure your dishes are always fresh and smelling great!

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