22 Aug

Greenland is off the market – but which other islands or towns could Donald Trump buy?

From Chilean isles to whole Italian villages, it is possible to purchase a lot of property in a hurry, even for non-billionairesIt’s been a while since the United States went around buying up bits of the world, and with US president Donald Trump’s ambition to own Greenland seemingly thwarted, there are some alternative purchases that a discerning buyer might consider if they want to obtain a lot of land in a hurry.There are opportunities to be had in South America. Chile’s Guafo island is on the market for $20m (£16.5m). The uninhabited 50,000-acre island comes complete with colonies of sea lions and penguins. The only downside is you have to share a little bit of it with the Chilean navy, which has a weather station there. If that island isn’t big enough for you, you could look at Traiguen island, also in Chile – a relative bargain at $25m for 100,000 acres. Size-wise, both might struggle to compete with Greenland – the world’s largest island – but on the other hand, they aren’t 80% covered in ice, which is a distinct advantage. Continue reading…

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