15 Apr

Good news for UK renters at last – now here’s what else we can fight for | Alicia Powell

Tenants have organised and campaigned and now ‘no-fault’ evictions are being abolished. This has to be just the startMonday marks a huge victory for private renters. Theresa May and the communities secretary, James Brokenshire, have announced that the government will abolish section 21 – a little-known law that means landlords can evict tenants without good reason. Right now, section 21 is used every day to send renters packing. Your landlord might decide they want to hike the rent up, sell the house or just that they don’t want to make the repairs that need doing. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been a good tenant or not, whether you’ve paid your rent on time. The landlord is in control, not the tenant. I should know, because it happened to me. Related: ‘I have PTSD and got depressed’: how no-fault evictions affect tenants Continue reading…

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