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What the 2021 UK Budget Means For Property Investors

What the 2021 UK Budget Means For Property Investors

There have been many predictions of market crashes, recessions and a great depression looming in the next few years and many people have been anxiously awaiting Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s 2021 budget briefing. Join Mark today as he depicts the budget and explains what this means for you. Mark discusses the freeze of the nil rate allowance, the increase of cooperation tax to 25% and the end of the bounceback schemes.

It is going to take a while for the economy to recover. The first thing the chancellor Rishi Sunak has said is that there will be no increase on income tax, national insurance or VAT, however he will freeze the nil rate allowance which typically rises every year. He will also freeze the top tax rate. These strategies are a slightly less visible way of taking the money back, and it does not happen straight away.

Many people thought that the capital gains tax rates would go up however Rishi stayed silent on this matter. Rishi also confirmed that he would not change the inheritance tax allowance and would not change the pension lifetime limit which is £1million.

Unlike reports of corporation tax going up to 23% he is going to raise the rates to 25%. This rise will not be seen until 2023. The current rate is 19% and many people will notice the 6% rise significantly. Smaller companies with less than £50,000 will still pay 19% and inbetween £50,000 and £250,000 you will pay between 19%-25% depending on how much the company makes in that tax year.

At the end of March when the bounceback loans end there is going to be a new loans scheme where the government is going to guarantee 80% of the loan. The business rates holiday will continue until the end of June with a tapered reduction and the 5% reduced rate of VAT is extended until the 30th September with a 12.5% rate until mid next year.

The big news in the property world is the stamp duty holiday extension. This and the 90% mortgage guarantee will support the lower end of the property market. With all the government support it seems less likely that the market will crash.

All the schemes have given consumers a lot of savings to spend, there is a huge amount of money in savings accounts and as the economy opens up, they are going to go and spend that money and there is likely to be some inflation. As inflation picks up, you could see inflation rise by 3%-5%

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