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31 Jan

How to Add Value to Your Strata Scheme Property

Watch for tips on how to activate your land and add value. Attend one of our FREE events to get more tips like this from Sam and the team. Follow us across our social accounts: Subscribe: Facebook:…

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29 Jan

Why We Should Celebrate (Not Hate) New York’s Vessel | The B1M

Now almost a year old, the centrepiece of Manhattan's Hudson Yards district has faced heavy criticism, with few arguing in its favour. It's time to put that right. This video was powered by SimScale, try it for free here -…

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28 Jan

Go Behind The B1M!

Step behind The B1M! Become a member here - We want to show you more of the incredible people who make The B1M happen. We want to show you how they work, the effort they invest, our thought process…

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