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Grant Cardone: The Greatest Real Estate Advice For All Investors

Grant Cardone: The Greatest Real Estate Advice For All Investors

Cash is worth less today than it was when the US printed one hundred trillion dollars. The debt in America will go from 20 trillion to 42 trillion dollars.

Online business is doing better during current circumstances than before. Outbound calls for the online business have quadrupled, allowing for greater productivity than the same time the previous year.

All the things you should do in a contraction is firstly consolidating all your resources, secondly, look at your assets and liabilities,  thirdly is to properly assess all of your assets and ensure out if you need to reprice product or leases etc and then go about expanding your business again.

Once you get to full acceptance of a problem you may face in your personal or professional life and you are able to recognise that you are in need of help, and you can ask for it and implement a strategy, then you are in full acceptance.

As much as you would like everyone to love you, not everybody can or will. All you need is for you to love you. You need to focus on your family liking you and having your employees believe in you. It may frustrate or hurt you when you hear that people don’t like you or when they say untruthful things however what you need to focus on is if and how you have let yourself down and or through that.

The people that adapt to this situation, that pivot and move with the times and use all their energy to shift into the next stage of their lives to mature, will make a lot of success during this crisis. This contraction will become its expansion.

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