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MMW 124

MMW 124

Join Mark Homer today as he interviews co-founder of award winning investment service Hargreaves Lansdown and majority shareholder of Bristol City FC, Stephen Lansdown CBE. Together they discuss the impact the pandemic has had on the financial market globally, why saving for your future is more important than ever and why people should take an active interest in their personal investments.


There is a lot of value accredited to trail commissions businesses, especially over the last 10-15 years. Company valuations that are based on repeat income seem stronger than those that are taking a one off chunk. If you’re giving a good service then a client will stay loyal to you and you will continue to take that income. The more clients you get the more assets you have got and the more fees you generate.

Governments are so much in debt due to the financial crisis and the pandemic, that you have to make your own precisions which is why saving is so important. Financial services platforms are in a good position to service that market. Healthcare, technology and renewable energy are good investment opportunities for now and the future.

Whilst the timing of it is hard to predict, the reality is there will be inflation at some point. Inflation is needed because that is how assets recover and how we get ourselves out of debt. Cash is not great at the moment and the alternative to that is equity investment which is why the stock market is benefiting massively.

There has always been a herd instinct in investment and many people tend to follow the crowd. You can follow it too far, and that is what makes the market. The market will not go up forever, and it will not go down forever, it will adjust along the way.

A wise way to use your money is to firstly ensure you have a certain amount in cash to meet your short term expenditure so that you are never caught short. Secondly, get some income that gives you a guaranteed return with fixed interest rates. Finally look towards investing in growth and income with either equity or property.

The fixed interest market is more of a property rental market these days. If you can find a good property/properties that can give you a good yield and can ensure you a good, guaranteed income then you can budget accordingly and make further investments along the way.

People should take an active interest in their investments, that is what the platform Hargreaves Lansdown has done for people. It allows people to look at all their investments in one place, to make decisions very quickly and to get information on those investments. You have got to plan for your later life and your family at the earliest possible stage. The stock market and investments markets are the best place to do that.


Stephen Philip Lansdown CBE is an English-born Guernsey billionaire. He co-founded the British financial services firm Hargreaves Lansdown with Peter Hargreaves. He is a founder of Bristol Sport and majority shareholder of Bristol Bears, Bristol Flyers, and Bristol City Football Club. Lansdown was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in the 2017 Birthday Honours for services to business and the community in Bristol.

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