12 Feb

5 sustainable reno tips that will save your energy bill

Just because you have already built your home doesn’t mean you can’t make it sustainable. Dean Ipaviz goes through 5 of his renovation tips on how you can make your home more sustainable and save moving on your power bill

Tip 1: Go Solar
A future-proof reno should ideally start with a reliable solar system. The home featured in this video is a 8 Star rated home that generates on average 200% of the energy demand for the home.

Tip 2: Design your home for natural light
Natural light is the best way to light and heat your home. Add skylights and north-facing windows to allow more sunlight in the home throughout the entire day and year.

Tip 3: Think thermal mass
It’s crucial to make sure your home is going to store and use heat effectively. Things like concrete floors are great because they absorb the suns heat through the day and releases it when it cools at night.

Tip 4: Window choice
Windows are a big source of heat loss in the home, but there are ways to combat this at a range of price points. The double-glazed windows use the seal air gap between the two panes acts as an added layer of insulation, helping to keep the heat out in summer and in the winter.

Tip 5: Cross ventilation
The key to effectively cooling your home is harnessing the natural breeze with effective cross ventilation. Design your windows layout with airflow in mind by fitting flyscreens or louvered windows to capture the natural breezes and regulate the temperature of your home.

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